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Behind the scenes at the traffic team

Posted on August 16, 2022

Earlier this year, my colleague Anna already took you through the daily operations of our Tech Support team [read here]. Today I, Emiel, will do the same for our Traffic team.

I start the day by going through traffic mail to see if there are any priority issues. Afterwards we have a daily tech stand-up with the team, in which we discuss what's on the agenda that day and any other important topics.

Traffic requests

Our main activity is processing traffic requests. Our sales colleagues collect all information from the customer, such as: the campaign name, how many tags need to be added, who to send it to, etc.
All this info will go into a traffic request and will be sent to us to work with.

Subsequently, we create the campaign in our system, do a material check and process the material into the campaign and add the provided tracking. These can be click trackers but also impression trackers. When all this is done, we send out the tags to the publisher or contactperson.

The tags are javascripts that, when booked in by publishers, will display the creative and measure the corresponding tracking. As soon as they the receiving party books the tags in, the campaign is ready to start and achieve great results.


How busy we are depends on how many requests we receive and how big or complex they are. Another considerable part of course is the direct questions and requests we receive from clients and publishers. This can be anything; advice, test tag requests, questions about reports, creatives, etc.

Solving live issues

At times websites on which for example an APTO is running, have been modified and as a result, the skins no longer align nicely. If this happens, we swiftly check the settings in our database to adjust this to the new layout so that everything aligns nicely again.

Other issues we might encounter are for instance when events are not measured, issues with trackers, non-clickable creatives, etc. However, we will always check if we can recreate and fix the problem as soon as possible. If it is a creative or template issue, we work closely with our support colleagues. We discuss our findings, give them the material and preview url’s so they can assess and solve the problem quickly. We will subsequently replace the updates on the backend in the existing tags to ensure issues are resolved without any effort of the client.

Great right? 😊