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Brand new: AR banners - from interactive 3D ads to augmented reality experience

Posted on May 30, 2022

This week the first Augmented Reality (AR) banner will go live for Cupra with Weborama NL. Together with Mediacom, Greenhouse and our partner Eyefun, we took on the challenge to run a 3D display banner with AR for the first time.

Now AR is well known within the world of Snap and TikTok, but AR features in mobile ads are rare outside these ecosystems.

We have been trying to draw attention to the use of 3D objects in banners since the Audi case (Golden Spin) and now that WebAR (AR in the browser or app) has become more accessible in terms of support due to updates of the different browsers and operating systems, there are not many more reasons not to try this.

The challenge of 3D objects in banners is to keep everything light without losing too much realism and quality. Lightness is also important to load the banner quickly. After all, you want to start playing with the 3D object as quickly as possible by scrolling or interacting and not clicking on something before you can. So 3D in autoplay. Because we use well-known libraries, these banners are less expensive than comparable third-party technologies.

We are very happy with the banners and are therefore curious about the results in terms of time spend in AR and the interaction rates in general. The banners run on mobile, but technically they can also run automatically on a desktop environment without an AR option.

View the banner and try it out for yourself by scanning the QR code below with your mobile, or click [here].

There are several AR banners in the making at the moment. Contact us if you want to know more about this. You can email us at sales@weborama.nl or call us on 020 524 66 90.