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Even voorstellen: Shannen

Posted on April 26, 2022

Our Client Support team has a new colleague: Shannen. We would like to introduce her to you by asking her a few questions.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Shannen. I graduated from a master's degree in film studies in Scotland last winter. My experience is mainly in film festival production, but there are certainly a number of similarities with the work at Weborama. For example; the contact with customers, the wide variety of creatives that pass by and the troubleshooting of technical problems, but then in a completely different way and in a different rhythm. Besides that, I like a good movie/game/synth and I skate every now and then.

How will customers meet you at Weborama?

Clients will come across me when they contact Client Support or send creatives to our “dashboard”. Here we prepare all materials for traffic and I, together with my client support colleagues, will provide customers with the best possible help or advice if necessary, of course with the necessary addition of the tech support and traffic teams.

What did you notice so far at Weborama?

Weborama feels like an ideal place to join as a newcomer, because we have a unique position in the market and are kinda the center among all other parties. This allows me to gain insight from purchasing to creatives to publication. Of course there is also a lot of specialized tech knowledge in-house, which means that tools really continue to grow with desire and need. For now, that also means that an abundance of information comes in, but I like that myself and it also helps that my new colleagues are happy to give extra explanations when things don't work right away. Everyone wants to help and is open to share their knowledge.

What are your ambitions ?

I certainly feel that I have more knowledge than I did a month ago, but there is still plenty I can and would like to learn. My ambitions for now are therefore mainly in getting more technical and substantive knowledge about Webo's in-house tools and the branch as a whole, so that I can make it my own.