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Bye bye Previewer 1

Posted on October 04, 2022

Although developers have become very accustomed to our (first) Previewer, the time has come to say goodbye to this tool. The platform is used less and the outdated technology makes innovations very time consuming. As of Thursday, December 1, 2022, this Previewer will no longer be in use. Users will no longer be able to create an account from then on and new templates will no longer be usable on this platform.

The platform built in 2004 will be unplugged, but don't worry; we will come up with an upgrade in the form of Previewer 2! In this article, we'd like to tell you more about it.

Along with Facebook, the Weborama Previewer was launched. A tool to easily preview and test your creations on hundreds of web pages. This is still used very often. However, beloved as it is, it was time to give this tool a new look. The last years we have been working on an upgrade of this platform which we have gradually opened to the public. The renewed platform not only looks more modern, but also brings many new features.

Here are some of these new features:

  • Companies can add or disable users within the account by themselves.
  • For quick access and adjustments, several creations can be stored in one project.
  • Improved preview page filtering to easily find suitable pages for your creation.
  • Support for more macros in pages for different sizes.
  • Drag and drop assets directly into or out of your project for quick replacements and adjustments.
  • Switch easily between preview pages for different countries.

Not all developers had switched to this new Previewer yet. Little by little the registrations came in. These users never switched back to the old previewer. We invite all developers to register for the new Previewer! Request your new account for the Previewer 2 here and find out more here how the new Previewer works.

If you find any features missing, please let us know at support@weborama.nl or use the feedback feature within the platform. We are always looking for ways to improve and optimize the platform. We look forward to see your creations in our new platform!