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Weborama Playable Ads

Posted on December 07, 2022

From now on, marketers and advertisers can advertise in an accessible way with games in display campaigns! Spin the wheel for prizes, match the right memory cards, test your knowledge or take a personality test to see which product suits you.



Rich Media campaigns often already contain game features that fuel engagement. Elements of Pacman, Pong or Space Invaders regularly pass by. This gamification of advertising has really grown since 2018 and that trend will continue in the coming years (MarketsandMarkets Analysis, 2021). The game forms hold the user's attention for a longer time, increase brand recall and decrease stress (Educraft, 2019).

Customization, a thing of the past

However, what many marketers encounter with games in Rich Media is the customization and the costs involved. These obstacles are now a thing of the past because Weborama offers this all-in. Playable Ads include creation, game conditions, possibly media and extensive campaign reports with leads. These game ads are expandable and offer a fullscreen experience on any device. Convenient for users is that the page is not left while playing the game.

How does it work?

Weborama supports all facets of a game campaign. To find out which game format suits your brand, target group and campaign, we consult in advance. We discuss the possibilities, wishes and the available creative assets. This forms the kick-off of your game campaign. At the moment we offer 4 game formats, which can be filled in flexibly: Spin the wheel, Personality test, Memory Game and the Quiz.

Spin the wheel
Spin the wheel and win the prize! Every user wins something, and the advertiser gains affinity. Create a feeling of happiness in the user and use this to your benefit. Watch a video here to see the game in action, or try the game yourself!

*ABN AMRO Mockup

Personality test
Take the test to discover which product or service suits you. Users are asked a number of questions to get a better idea of ​​what best suits their person. For both user and advertiser, the test offers qualified insights with which you can tailor-made rewards. Watch a video here to see the game in action, or try the game yourself!

*BMW Mock-up

Memory game
Find the matching cards and win! In this nostalgic memory game, users link the right cards. As such you can let the user earn a discount or prize, which makes the winning feeling more special than simply handing it out. Watch a video here to see the game in action, or try the game yourself!

*Albert Heijn/Budweiser Mock-up

Test your knowledge and win! Users can learn more about your brand or about new products. This way you can also gain insights into the opinion or wishes of your target group. This quiz can also be used for special win promotions or event-oriented campaigns. Watch a video here to see the game in action, or try the game yourself!

*TOTO Mock-up

Is there a game format that perfectly matches your brand or campaign? Contact sales@weborama.nl to discuss your Playable Ad campaign. For more information, you can also check this deck.

Is this not exactly the game type you are looking for? Be sure to message us with your wishes! We will offer more and more different game formats. Perhaps we are already very far in development with the game type you are looking for.