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Update specsheets: now available!

Posted on February 16, 2023

We have been working hard on our specsheets recently and we are proud to announce that the new and improved version is now available! Our specsheets have been thoroughly revised and now offer even more ease of use and insight. The design has become clearer making the information easier to find.

One of the biggest changes is in the way the information is displayed. We have aligned the layout and information with the new previewer and it is now possible to see what should be in the previewer per device.

We also put the update date of the template on the specsheet and the information about creatives is now more clearly displayed. We split the creatives by device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet or Inapp), making it easier to see what information you need. In addition, the information is easier to filter and it is clearly indicated what can be previewed.

Additionally, the visual representation of the template has been improved and can now be previewed on multiple sites, allowing you to clearly see how the template is displayed on different sites. The specifications for each creative can also be viewed per HTML file.


Our specsheets now offer more insight, are more user-friendly and have an improved layout and design. Say goodbye to the old specsheets and welcome the new and improved version!