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The Mobile Takeover 2.0

Posted on August 04, 2022

The reserved DPG Media mobile format, the Mobile Takeover (MTO), has been revamped resulting in an improved variant! Advertisers can reserve the three available rectangle positions on DPG Media mobile titles through the MTO. For one day, visitors of that title will only view the reserved campaign on mobile.

The updated MTO offers several new variants with added creative freedom and a larger Mobile Portrait format in the middle position. This middle position now features creative options such as a store locator, full video, a slider, an AR experience or a framed video.

As such, the experience at position two could be supported the first position. The third position could serve well as a call to action to complete the concept. Additionally, combining features is possible as well, e.g.: position 1 standard, position 2 framed video, etc. Do keep in mind however that this new MTO variant only applies to a Mobile Takeover, and will not be part of a Cross-Device Homepage Takeover at DPG Media in which every available position on mobile, desktop and tablet is reserved.

Please make sure to contact DPG Media in advance to secure your MTO campaign.

Below illustrates some of the different versions available for the new MTO.

More information about the different options can be found here.

Please contact us at sales@weborama.nl for any questions, templates or other topics. We look forward to receiving your new MTO campaigns!